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This is an abbreiviated list of those brands that we choose to use on a regular basis. These choices are based on our years of experiance looking for and using these products in the field.
For more detail on each manufacturer click on the company logo to go to thier website.



With image quality so crucial for business intelligence and safety management verifciation of incidents which may include accident claims, our Megapixel systems let you capture the smallest of detail.


Product choice is detirmined by the installation requirements and solutions in this field of technology are varied

Our Installation Portfolio includes  Pelco, Vista, Honeywell, Axis, Panasonic, Adpro and many more!  

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Established in 1980 as a laboratory of electronics, from which the acronym LABEL was created, the company quickly established itself as a manufacturer of automation electronics in general and has become well-known for having manufactured one of the first “pocket” radio-controls”.

During the mid 90’s, Label started to develop and manufacture electronics for automatic doors, and then presented the first automation for sliding doors  to the market in 1995.
The company also quickly evolved in its organizational structure, enhancing its R&D and commercial division. In 2004, it obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification


Ditec automatic entrances and doors offer a great deal of benefits. Installed internally and externally to residential and commercial buildings, they allow building entrances to be safely, practically, smartly and hygienically controlled. All Ditec automations are able to control access, to entice people to enter and, in air conditioned areas, to ensure optimal energy savings.

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