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An Overview of the product ranges we Supply, Install & Maintain
Audio & Video Door Entry


Audio or Video, Functional or Digital?

We have a great deal of experience of all types, sizes and complexities, experience which will be put to good use when discussing your own requirements.

Our Entry Systems can be supplied with an optional video camera, allowing occupants to see visitors on screen to secure the entrance.

Functional Door Entry: One call button per flat up to a maximum 16 dwellings. These are simple systems suitable for smaller multi occupancy blocks. Functional systems are DDA compliant and can be integrated with proximity access systems and door automation

Digital door entry: With a telephone type keyboard layout, the digital door panel is suitable for use on larger blocks. Suitable for integration with proximity access, door automation and CCTV it can be provided with DDA compliant features.

An electronic release is fitted to the main entrance door and occupants can have their own Access Control system for added convenience. In addition to the systems themselves, we can install new doors and screens, which can be manufactured from metal or wood (which is always sourced from sustainable forests).



CCTV is now seen as a major preventive measure in the fight to reduce crime. Cameras are linked to monitors to enhance access control and provide on-site security with low manpower costs . Systems range from single camera line fed to multi-site applications with fibre optic and microwave transmission. Pictures can either be viewed or recorded on location or transmitted to remote sites.

Whatever the needs of your business, we will provide the best solution through design and installation, providing quality products from the industry leaders of security systems manufacturers.


If you're planning to procure a CCTV system, you may be considering digital recording. The choices, such as hard drive size and recording speed, can sound complex, but we can advise you what, why and how; in ways that will simplify the complete process and ensure you get the right image quality and recorded duration.

Door Automation


We offer a complete installation service including technical sales advice and design support, through to onsite installation.

The New Next Generation Premis Automatic Swing Door Openers are electro-mechanical for pedestrian automatic doors. They are designed for silent movement and durability, and can be used to automate existing swing doors, or new installations. They may be used for both interior and exterior (double or single door) applications, and can be mounted on either side with push or pull arm applications which making them ideal for integration into any environment.

Premis Automatic Swing Doors have numerous applications, particularly as private or public access points for disabled persons or premises with heavy traffic and limited space. Automated door systems also provide excellent impermeability and consequently high energy efficiency, with a large range of accessories geared to user safety.

Premis Automatic Swing Door Openers have a wide range of functions that allow them to be adapted to suit any type of requirement, including fully automatic, push and go, push pads and access control. They are equipped with features such as a wheelchair courtesy function or an automatic opening and closing power increase (in case of high winds). It also includes the possibility of increasing the opening hold time in heavy traffic situations, or simply disabling automatic operation.

Access Control


Electronic access systems can range from standalone single door controllers to complex networked multi site systems that integrate with CCTV, intruder alarms and other building control systems.

We are able to provide leading edge access control systems and advice on choosing the right solution, taking into consideration options such as the type of reader and user interface through to end management of the system.

Card / Fob Systems

Systems range from Simple swipe cards, short and long range proximity fobs or transmitters


Door Controllers

The access door controllers can be vary from standalone door controllers providing access to a single door to either 4, 8 or 16 access door controllers that can provide access rights up to 16 doors within the same complex. Systems can be managed by a PC and software, either locally connected or via remote communication over GPRS or GSM/PSTN dialup.

Fire Detection, AOV & Evacuation Systems


ABBA/Mechatronics provides fire solutions that meet property specific requirements.

The project scope may involve upgrading part of your existing fire alarm system or the design, installation of a totally new integrated fire and security system.

No matter the size or complexity of requirement our experienced team has the knowledge and experience to deliver efficient and effective fire system solutions that meet regulatory requirements.


  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Simple conventional systems
  • Analogue addressable systems
  • Networked systems (multi-building network)
  • Remote monitoring and control through a graphical interface
  • Central station monitoring for brigade response


Automatic Opening Vents – AOV

Smoke control systems are required in multi-storey residential buildings, principally to protect the stairs to assist escape in the event of a fire, in compliance with the recommendations of Approved Document B and BS 9991:2011.

Security Systems


All our systems are designed to be easy to use, effective, reliable and are manufactured to the highest British Quality Standards. We specialise in the professional design and installation of the latest intruder alarms systems from leading manufacturers.

Offering an extensive range of products for both business and residential sectors, you can choose from simple bell-only alarms to more sophisticated remote signalling systems, where your premises are monitored 24 hours by staff trained to alert keyholders and the local police, should a disturbance occur.

Warden Call


As an approved contractor of Tynetec Ltd, one of the leading manufacturers of social alarm equipment, we are able to offer you a complete communication solution ranging from an individual’s home to complete retirement homes, including solutions for large nursing homes and high dependency units.


Whether it is a new build installation or maintenance and upkeep of your existing systems we can provide you with one stop solution to all your needs.

We are also skilled integrators of different technologies that enable people to stay in the home while providing care and support through technology.

Nurse Call


Cabled nurse call systems have a 3 call level call point in every room with text display units located at strategic points such as nurse stations or corridors to indicate the full text address of the call.

Although the alarm can be temporarily silenced at the display staff must go to the point of call to reset giving reassurance that no call will go unanswered.

Units can include IR receivers to work with remote pendants, call leads, pressure sensors and PIR movement detectors.

The main equipment can connect to a PC, pager system and a printer for enhanced call monitoring. Many systems are capable of call forwarding, night/day mode, local/global emergency settings.


Wireless nurse call systems work very similarly to cabled systems but communicate by radio signals. They are suitable for installation where a cabled system is not practical such as a listed building, temporary system or asbestos present environments. All call units are battery powered and it is important to have a system of regular checks and maintenance to ensure full functionality.

Specialist adaptations are available to cater for many environments.

Special Adaptations


From wireless solutions for unlocking doors, flashing lights to warn the hearing impaired, vibrating alarms for the visually impaired and lots more individual adaptations to any of the systems list on this site.

We will sit and discuss the requirements and build a system to those individuals requirements.

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