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This is an abbreviated list of those brands that we choose to use on a regular basis. These choices are based on our years of experience looking for and using these products in the field.
For more detail on each manufacturer click on the company logo to go to their website.


More and more elderly and vulnerable people are now able to carry on living in the familiar comfort of their own homes thanks to assistive care. Assistive care gives the those who want to remain in their own home the ability to do so with the comfort of knowing that they are being monitored so that if something does go wrong then the relevant people will know about it straight away and help can be sent.
This not only allows people to continue using their home safely and helps maintain their quality of life, but it also gives peace of mind to family and loved ones.
From the most simple of upgrades to large button phones through to more complicated telecare and telehealth provision we adapt installations to suit the end user.

Examples of solutions can include

  • Visual indication to alert of callers or alarms.

  • Radio devices to assist where mobility is a problem to open doors or control systems.

  • Smoke alarms for the deaf or hard of hearing.

  • Epilepsy monitor.

  • Automatic fall detection.

  • Powered opening of doors with powered locks and contact free access control.

  • High and low temperature monitoring.

  • Chair and bed presence sensors.

  • Enuresis sensors, Epilepsy monitors and timed pill dispensers.

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